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Winter Projects For Recreational Hunting Land

Now that deer hunting season in Georgia has come to an end for most of the State, it is time to

plan and schedule your wintertime land improvement projects.

January and February are the perfect months to execute prescribed fire burning. If this is your first time burning, we recommend contacting your local Georgia Forestry Commission ranger to help with the preparation and execute the burning. You can locate your local GFC ranger here:

Winter is also the best time to remove undesirable timber and to hinge cut areas to create

bedding areas for next year. Locating pockets of undesirable timber is easy in the winter and

with some effort, you can promote browse and bedding cover for next year’s hunting season.

If you have a supplemental feeding program, now is the time to repair existing feeders, build

new feeders and begin feeding to help bucks recover from the rut and keep does healthy

through the gestation period.

If you have any questions or need some help, give SLA a call and we will get you some answers

and point you in the right direction.


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