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SLA Timber Market Update

The timber market in the Southeast United States appears to be in good shape and healthy for the foreseeable future. Amanda Lang with Forisk Consulting published this article in mid-September showing the softwood lumber mills that are reopening, increasing capacity, and new mills being built.

With this much capital being invested to bring the mills online or up to speed, we can only assume that the timber productivity will increase. As new mills continue to open and old mills continue to reopen and ramp-up, we know that a competitive marketplace will allow for an environment to encourage better prices for loggers that will ultimately reach the timberland owner. The southeast timber market is healthy and as these mills continue to increase productivity to keep up with the housing demand and homeowner projects, the timberland owner can rest assured there is a good market to sell your trees. The Southeast timberland market’s future looks to be favorable for years to come.

If you are interested in learning more about the timberland market and properties available for purchase, give SLA call and we will be glad to show you properties on the market and help guide you through the process of purchasing timberland. If you have some timberland that you would like to sell, SLA has relationships with timberland buyers and will assist you in finding a purchaser. Give us a call or shoot us an email.

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