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Prices Are Hot, NOW May Be The Best Time To Sell Your Estate Land

Has selling your estate property crossed your mind a time or two lately? Prices are up and inventory is down, now is the time to talk amongst the family and seriously consider selling. While there is a lot of speculation around how long this market will last, we are advising families to start working on their exit strategy before the market goes away.

Properties you should consider selling now:

  • HBU Property: If you have a rural farm or timberland asset that is in a county with a growing population, you just may have what is called an HBU property or a property with a Higher and Better Use.

  • Developer Property: Developers and home builders need land sites for their next project and are paying top dollar for rural properties that they can get re-zoned.

  • Farmland: Tillable farmland and irrigated farmland are getting record prices in this market.

  • Homesteads: Home inventory has hit record lows, pair that with record high demands and you get top dollar and in most cases bidding wars on your homestead.

Southern Land Advisors has helped estates liquidate their rural assets for years and we have sold everything from residential lots, timberland property, recreational hunting properties, and even a couple of Dollar Generals. If you would like to explore your options, give us a call and we will be happy to help you through the process and make the best decision for your family’s interests.


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