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Is Your Wildlife Lucky? Don’t Overlook The Benefits of Clover

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, I’d like to discuss one of the staples in our wildlife food plot program, clover. Soybeans, cowpeas, corn, turnips, and radishes are the most popular crops for fall and summer food plots, but clover is a fall crop that you shouldn’t overlook.

Planting 15-20% of your food plots in clover or a clover /chicory mix is a great benefit to your wildlife and here is why.

  • White clover contains on average 23% protein and red clover contains around 20% protein

  • We recommend planting clover in the fall when you plant your fall/winter food plots (although you can plant clover in the spring). While your other fall plots germinate and grow well in the fall to attract and feed wildlife, clover germinates and grows slowly in the fall/winter and really takes off in February and March. When your other plots get beat back from grazing and the acorn crop is all gone, clover will carry your wildlife into spring green-up offering high-quality protein to rebuild bucks after the rut and help pregnant does stay healthy.

  • The timing of clover being most productive in the early spring will provide the protein that your animals need to be healthy coming into antler growing season, not to mention that the turkeys love it also.

Most clovers are perennial and will last for several years if taken care of. We recommend overseeing and fertilizing your clover plots in late winter/ early spring to get the most life and production from your plots.

So this St. Patrick’s Day, when you see the four-leaf clover, remember to add clover and clover mixes to your food plot arsenal to fill the void of food in late winter and early spring to help your wildlife be the best they can be. If you have any questions or need help with your wildlife management plan, give us a call. We will be glad to help with any of your land needs.


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