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If you own over 10 acres you might need to take advantage of C.U.V.A.

What is CUVA and is it right for me?

CUVA = Conservation Use Valuation Assessment.

CUVA is a 10-year program working with agricultural land, forestland, and environmentally

sensitive areas and can significantly reduce your property taxes. There are no costs when

applying for the CUVA when dealing with agricultural and forestland; however, there are stiff

penalties for pulling out of the program before the 10 years are up.

So, is the CUVA right for you? If you have a recreational property for hunting, fishing, horse

riding, or hiking and you plan to own the property for over 10 years, then CUVA may be right for

you. If you have a property that has been in timber production and there is no development in

the immediate area, CUVA may be right for you. If you own some acreage just outside of the

wave of development and your plan is to sell to a developer in the near future, CUVA is NOT

right for you.

Most recreational and agricultural properties are forecasted to remain that way for years

to come are great candidates for enrolling in the CUVA program and if you sell your property,

the CUVA program will carry over to the buyer of the property and the new owner will have to

continue enrollment in the program and continue to enjoy the tax benefits. If the new

owner decides not to keep the property in the program, they will have to pay the fees and

penalties for breaching the agreement before the 10-year mark.

The CUVA program is a great way to save some money on your taxes and if you are out in a

rural area with little to no new development, we highly recommend taking advantage of the


If you have any questions about the CUVA program and wonder if it is the right move for your

property, feel free to call us, and let’s discuss if CUVA is right for you.


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