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Georgia Forest Management

With the national focus on the California wildfires, Southern Land Advisors would like to highlight what the local government agencies are doing here in Georgia to manage our forests. The federal government owns 1,956,719 acres or 5.25% of Georgia’s 37,295,360 total acres. This leaves approximately 93% of Georgia land that is privately owned. The state manages its own forests with prescribed fire and has many programs in place to assist the private landowners with their resources to manage the forests. With 40+ field foresters to help private landowners, the Georgia Forestry Commission will develop a custom management plan for your property at no charge. SLA highly recommends contacting your local Ranger and Forester to begin your forest management plan today. You can find your local Ranger and Forester on our Resources page here Ask them to help you with their 10 year Forest Management Program. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources also has a private land program (PLP) and you can read about that program here:

If you have any questions or need any assistance, give us a call. 678.773.8148.

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