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Georgia Deer Archery Season Opening Checklist For September 12, 2020

Opening day of deer archery season in Georgia is quickly approaching. Southern Land Advisers has put together a checklist of items that you need to address to be ready for opening day.

  • Get your Bow out and start practicing

Why? Practice makes perfect and gives you confidence when the moment of truth arrives. An accurate, humane kill shot is what every hunter should strive for.

  • Check your stands and gear for any needed repairs or maintenance

Why? With just 2 months left to prepare, ordering any parts can take weeks and finding out that your stand squeaks or your bowsite is loose on opening day is not a recipe for success.

  • Limb up your access trails and your bowhunting stand sites

Why? Getting into your stand site quietly, sent free and removing any limbs from your shooting lanes will stack the cards in your favor for shot opportunities.

  • Continue with your supplemental feeding

Why? Supplemental feeding helps promote antler growth, an overall healthy herd and will keep the deer on their summer feeding pattern into the beginning of archery season.

  • Set up or check trail cameras to collect an inventory of target bucks

Why? Knowing what deer are in the area and using certain game trails will allow you to set your expectations and help determine which deer are the ones to target in your area.

  • Take soil samples to have your fall food-plot soils tested

Why? Getting your soil tested will show you what your soil needs to be most productive in growing fall food plots. Adding lime and/or fertilizer might be what your soil needs to grow attractive plots. A soil test will show you what you do or do not need.

  • Sight in your rifles for the upcoming gun season

Why? Again, Practice makes perfect and finding out your gun is not shooting properly is not something you want to find out on opening day.

Preparing ahead of time will help kickoff a safe and successful season. If you have any questions or need help finding the right property to purchase, give us a call. We will be glad to guide you through the process.

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