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Prescribed Burning

Now that deer season is officially over, it is time to start making habitat improvements for next year’s season. Prescribed burning is a great place to start. We have all seen the articles in blogs and hunting magazines stating the benefits of burning which include: Reduce hazardous fuels, prepare sites for planting and seeding, improve wildlife habitat, manage competing vegetation, control insects and disease, improve forage for grazing, enhance the appearance and improve access through the property. For the experienced landowner, prescribed burning is a regularly used technique but if you have never burned, it can be an intimidating process. To overcome the intimidation Southern Land Advisors highly recommends contacting the Georgia Forestry Commission or the forestry division in your state. The GFC can help you with many of your property management needs, including preparing and executing prescribed fire. They will assist with installing fire breaks, as well as, overseeing the burn on site. If you haven’t already, contact your local Georgia Forestry Commission Ranger and set up a time to meet with them on your property. The consulting service is free and the Ranger can update you on all of the programs available to assist you in the management of your property. The services are not free but are a fraction of the price compared to a private business. CLICK HERE for resources page and a link to contact your local Ranger and Forester. Just click on your county and the contact information for your Ranger and Forester will pop up. If you have any questions, just give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

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