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Another Success Story

Back in April of 2017 Southern Land Advisors sold a 136-acre estate property where the executor of the estate lived in California. The buyer (Benedikt) bought the property to turn it into a hunting recreational get-a-way for himself, family and friends. Southern Land Advisors was hired to consult Benedikt on sculpting the property for hunting and recreation. We spent the spring and summer working on this project to have it ready for the hunting season and he followed our advice to create some great wildlife habitat. He improved the roads, installed food plots and cleared an area for a cabin. Besides building the cabin, he completed all of the work, and was set for this year’s hunting season!

This past weekend, he had a friend and his friend’s son visit to hunt the new property. The friend’s son spent two full days hunting, and was finally rewarded by harvesting his first deer. The father, son, and buck are pictured here. This is what we call a success story.

Benedikt has created the foundation for a great hunting property that he, his family and friends will make memories on for many years to come. I hope to post a photo with his first deer from the property very soon!

If you would like to buy a recreational property for your family and friends to make lasting memories, please contact Southern Land Advisors by simply calling Thomas Porter direct at 404.996.6304 or cell 678.773.8148.

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