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Turnkey vs Raw Land | What's Better for You?

There are a few different strategies when purchasing a recreational property. You can purchase a set up, ready to go, turnkey property or purchase a raw piece of land to be sculpted into the farm of your dreams. Buying turnkey property usually means paying a premium price and buying raw land usually means paying bottom dollar. Generally, my older clients want a turnkey property that they can enjoy right away and not spend years creating the habitat for great hunting. This often means buying someone else’s vision and it might not fit exactly with yours. On the other hand, my younger clients are willing to spend a few years creating their vision from a raw piece of property. Both strategies usually end up in the same amount of investment in the asset; however, clients enjoy being able to sculpt their new property to their specifications. Southern Land Advisors does our best to make sure that the property you purchase fits your needs, even as a turnkey property.

One of Southern Land Advisors latest clients has chosen to go with the latter of these two strategies. Let me say here that Southern Land Advisors is not a land management, land clearing or land grading company. We help clients buy and sell land. After the transaction, SLA will consult and connect clients with our resources to help perform such services. Now with that said, we are going to follow and document the sculpting of 136 acres of raw land into a premier recreational hunting get-away 40 minutes from downtown Atlanta.

The internal road system on this property was in bad shape, so for starters we are clearing a 40 to 50 foot wide path to grade a main roadway for access into the property. This mile long road will be graveled and the shoulders will be planted in a low growing clover. Next, we will be clearing three 2-3 acre areas to install food plots. Please see the videos below of the machine that is clearing the way and the fly over of the work that has been complete.

Southern Land Advisors looks forward to documenting this project, so stay in touch and follow us on Facebook as we get this property prepared for this years hunting season. If you are considering buying or selling land please contact us and come in to discuss your ideas of an ideal recreational property.

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