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The Wildlife Group | Growing Fruit & Mast Trees in Georgia

Allen Deese from The Wildlife Group was a wealth of information and educated attendees on fruit and mast trees. Here is a quick summary of the do’s and don’ts of planting and maintaining fruit trees.


  • Buy from a reputable nursery or tree farmer.

  • Buy grafted trees. This way you know exactly what you are buying.

  • Plant trees in Mid- December thru February.

  • Prune your trees when you plant them.

  • Prune your trees in February

  • Remove the fruit from young 1-3 year old trees to allow the energy of the tree to go towards growing the root system and branches and prepare for holding more fruit in the future.

  • Fertilize in late winter, early spring. Only a cup or one pound, 18” from the trunk to the drip line.

  • Plant trees in a minimum of 3 and adding a flowering tree like a crabapple will help with pollination.


  • Buy a tree grown from a seedling. You do not know what you are going to get and if the tree will produce fruit at all.

  • Plant too deep.

  • Fertilize in the first year. You can kill the tree buy burning the young roots.

  • Plant trees too close together. Allow enough room for future growth.

Allen is a great resource and is happy to help you with any of your tree questions. You can find a link to his website on our Resources Page.

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