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People / Hunter Management

Back when I was working at North American Whitetail magazine in the early ‘90’s I learned when managing whitetail deer there are three areas to consider.

  1. Habitat management

  2. Deer herd management

  3. People/Hunter management

For this article, we will talk about People/Hunter Management. Allowing deer to reach the age of maturity and achieve their full potential is a tall challenge. Most hunters belong to a deer club or they try to join clubs with like-minded hunters. The hunt clubs have rules in place that specify what caliber of buck meets the criteria to be harvested. Each hunter has their own hunting history and experiences and with that comes new goals and expectations for their next buck. Every hunter is on a little different path and there will always be some differences in goals and expectations from their hunting companions and when you are in a hunting club, those differences are something you just have to live with.

We as hunters have to understand that not every hunter is on your same journey and what is a great deer to your hunting companion may not be to you and that is okay. Don’t take the joy away from your hunting buddies that shoot their best deer but it falls short of what you are looking for in a deer.

If you are in a club or have been in several clubs that do not match your goals and expectations, perhaps you should consider land ownership. Owning the land is the only way to fully have control of the whole deer management program. Overseeing the wildlife habitat management, deer herd management, and people management is one of the biggest pleasures of land ownership and it is the best way to have a deer herd that fits your goals and expectations. If you think it is time to own your very own piece of ground, give us a call and we will help find the right property to fit your needs.


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