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Enjoy Your Investment

The investment in land is a different way to look at your overall financial diversification. Personally, I have never gotten excited after buying a stock unless it rapidly increased. Yes, the stock rose quickly, but it also dove just as fast. The old adage to hit singles in investing has hit home a few times in my life. We are at a unique time in the investment cycle with overall stock market showing extreme signs of volatility. As we compare land investment with the stock market, we see a widening gap in performance. Experts say when everyone else gets in, it’s time to get out. The land investment business peaked in 2006. My guess is that many smart people are looking to diversify. What about a land investment? Perhaps I’m biased, as my dad’s 1960’s land investment has created tremendous value. This was great for our family and gave us a sense of belonging and bonding to the old farm place. It enabled our family to gather as a whole during holidays and birthdays. We collected memories of playing in the barn, riding horses, fishing, riding motorcycles, hunting, and just soaking up the fresh air. It gave me a connection with my cousins, aunts, and uncles that would never have existed otherwise. Forty years after my father made his land investment, I was able to make my own. And guess what, I get a big smile when my family and I get to spend time at the property. While my land investment is a long-term play, I sure get to enjoy it for the time being.

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